Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fluency Friday

Fluency Station
The students enjoyed using the Fluency Station. There are four activities to choose from:
  • Expression Passages- The students must read the passage using the emotion the spinner indicates.
  • Interview Flip Books- One student is the interviewer and the other is the interviewee. The students loved using the microphone!
  • Fluency Reading Books- The reader may choose a fiction, nonfiction, or poetry book to read. The other student uses a checklist to provide feedback to the reader.
  • Fluency Sliders- The students read common passages using a slider. The other student times them for a minute. The reader tries to see how many sliders he can read in one minute.

Interview Flip Book
Expression Passages

The students also listened to A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln. Listening to fluent readers also helps students with their fluency.

We are ready for Dr. Seuss Week!

We love Dr. Seuss!

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