Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Book Reports

 The fall book reports were adorable.  I am always amazed how creative the students are! Thank you parents for helping your child with this project. The reports were great and the students were well prepared for their presentations.
Emma and her Junie B. Jones from Captain Field Day

 Emily made a true look-a-like book character!

Darius and the Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl

Clint made the Cat in the Hat-love the gloves!

The Fat Cat lost an ear coming to school! Andrew did a good job-a little shy for the camera!

Book characters just hanging out at the reading table!
 Macy made the cutest stuffed horse to go with her book.

Scotlyn- the main character of a Goose Bumps book 
Mariah- Junie B. Jones-Jingle Bells- Batman Smells

Tarin with a very cute character from a scary book! 

Hailey made the bird from Are you My Mother?

Dymire with his Fly Guy character

Johnny and his wonderful monster!

Dylan and a Dr. Seuss character


  1. I love this book report. It's so cute and it's just in time for halloween. Do you mind sharing the directions you gave students?

  2. I sent it-let me know if it does not get there! Thanks- enjoy- they are so cute and the students love them!