Thursday, October 13, 2011

Math Stations

Math Stations are the student's favorite time of the day. They love practicing important math skills with hands-on activities. The stations are planned around the math unit we are currently studying and they also practice previously learned math concepts.
using ones and tens models to order numbers

 The students are great at working together. We rotate through the groups with a math partner.

 We use Education City to practice math skills.

           We love the computer     time!

The students get to use the classroom computer about three times per week. Besides Education City, we have Math Facts in a Flash to practice math facts.

Frog Games
This week we are practicing number order, greater than and less than, and counting by twos past 100.

iPods- another class favorite
 There are so many wonderful math apps!

 Race to 100- trading ones and tens- a wonderful math game to help us learn about place value

They are getting very good at this game!

Math is Wonderful!

Math is fun!


  1. Thank you for showing this! My second graders are working in Math stations, too, and loving it! I am amazed at how awesome they are! :)


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