Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Community Workers

Reading and Social Studies
Our community worker unit started by reading the story Firefighter in our reading book. We then learned about other services that were provided in our community and the people who provided those services. The students also learned about goods that people made in our community. The students were asked to brainstorm people in the community that provided goods and the people in the community that provided services. The students then chose the job that fit them best. As a take-home project, the students decorated a paper version of themselves dressed as if they were going to their job. The students also created a business card to go with their job. The students then presented their completed project to the class. The projects were amazing!

Thank you to Mrs. D. Lue Pann for sharing her resources with us.



Fashion Designer


Police Woman


U.S. Marine


Construction Worker

Police Officer


Armed Services

U.S. Marine

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