Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Language Fun


We started our lesson with a discussion of weather idioms from our Scholastic News. An idiom is an expression that means something different from what it seems to mean.

 We then read some other books with examples of idioms. We read the idioms and then discussed what they really meant. These books were written and illustrated  by Fred Gwynne- better known as Herman Munster on the Munsters!

Last, the students wrote and illustrated an idiom of their choosing.

Me too!


  1. Even More Parts by Tedd Arnold and There's a Frog in My Throat by Loreen Leedy are also great books that teach idioms. I just found your blog & I now follow!


  2. Amelia Bedelia books are great for this as well. I love Parts, More Parts, and Even More Parts. My students did a project after reading these where they put the idiom at the top, drew what it meant in the story on the left side, and then drew what it really means on the right side. They were awesome!